Look you’re going for: Like a fan, not a fanatic

The notion that "guys love sports" isn't a myth, but a guy who does love sports will generally only take a girl who also loves sports to a football game on a first date. There's a lot going on and not a ton of time to get to know each other, but the mutual respect of a team could bond two people better than a sit-down meal would. And your love for your team runs through your veins, but you can't come off like the die-hard fan that you are. Not on the first date. So leave the face and body paint at home and opt for your favorite player's jersey. Throwbacks are a plus for superficial aesthetic reasons only. As much as you want to wear your favorite cap, leave it at home because she will want to see your full features as you're screaming at the ref for not calling the holding penalty. Sneakers are a must, but a dirty pair that you don't care about, though logical, will not suffice for a first date. If you're willing to wear a nice, clean pair for her during a football, she's wondering what other things you'll do to try and impress her.