If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time looking at clothes on the Internet. And other than sites like this one, the only other place to look at clothes that you can actually buy are online shops. Just like we all have our favorite weird free porn streaming sites, or our favorite go-to work related tab that is always open just in case a narc co-worker tries to pull some surveillance on your incognito browsing, we all have our favorite shops that we spend hours at a time on, adding garments that we can't afford to wishlists and shopping carts. And I'm not judging you for window shopping via the world wide web. I'm not even gonna mention that slight bit of credit card debt you incurred last year after a particularly strong alphet come-up. Instead, I'm just gonna judge you on where you shop. Yup, I'm here to arbitrarily make fun of the establishments you electronically transfer your hard earned funds to in exchange for clothing you do not even remotely need. Is it you?