Every rapper competing on the swag playing field can just pack it up and go home, because this Indian businessman just murdered the game. Pankaj Parakh just turned 45, and to celebrate, the living-deity made the most legendary custom cop of all-time: a shirt spun from 18 to 22 karat gold, weighing in at ten pounds and ringing up at $211,000. Someone tell the previous record holder for shirt-stunting that his cop's been reduced to chump change. Five figures for a golden shirt? Psh. 

Instead of throwing it on the 'Gram like the rest of us plebeians, this king instead opted for a light stroll to let the streets know his reign had begun. And in the event that a hater lost his mind, pimp Pankaj had four security goons on deck, forming a perimeter around the golden gawd. Real boss shit; the Guinness Book of World Records better recognize.

Here's Datta Phuge, the previous record-holder, before he was reduced to peasant-status by Parakh the Gilded.

[via NY Daily News]