This nifty guide on "How To Talk To Your Teen" brings up some salient points. You're probably wondering why I'm even having you read some tips on talking to teens in the first place. Well, for starters, because these are universal tips on how to talk to everyone. Two, because I'm pretty sure we're all just a bunch of perpetual teenagers anyway. And three, because this little leaflet was part of the deity Raf Simons' S/S 1997 collection. And it should come as no surprise that the "How To Talk To Your Teen" collection is still fucking fire, guys.

I WANT ONE OF THOSE TEENAGE SUMMERCAMP SHIRTS SO BADLY RIGHT NOW. I love being insolent and feeling isolated amongst my friends while smoking cigarettes. I remember I had some friends that went to this really fancy boarding school nearby and they always had Lucky Strike cigarettes and, like, tons of NyQuil because their parents would always send them weird care packages full of Frosted Flakes and cold remedies. Boarding school kids always had the best kind of angst and weird, random over the counter drugs (dope prescription ones too duh). SHOUT OUT TO CRANBROOK. SHOUT OUT TO TEENAGE DISAFFECTION. SHOUT OUT TO PARENTS THAT JUST GET IT. SHOUT OUT TO RAF.