Vogue wants to know, "Are teen boys the new style icons?" And, as I am a very old boy, I must say, resoundingly, "NO!" because I am an old and the youth are destined to replace me and render all my caps lock ranting irrelevant. But there is something to be said about the enthusiasm of youth and their preternatural interneting skills.

So, naturally, Vogue walked around SoHo for, like, an hour and sat down with some of the Internet's swaggiest swag princes (they're too young to be lords FYI) they met outside of VFiles and mined them for some style advice they'd give women because if there's one thing women want to hear about, it's fashion advice from teenage boys. Well, here's a bit of advice from a 32-year-old boy, Vogue: Interviewing a 21-year-old RSVP Gallery sales associate when the title of your article has the word "teen" in it makes literally zero sense. Everyone else on this list can barely legally drive, let alone hold down a sales associate job smfh.

The best advice of the bunch came from our boy Mike Hope aka Mike The Ruler, OBVIOUSLY. He says that you should always "...look for your favorite. Not what is popular," which is, like, so fucking true. The Ruler even admits that he used to "dress a lil' over the top" and, when we're talking teenage boys, self-reflection is a rare fucking trait, my guys. SHOUTS TO YOU, MIKE.

I didn't even bother reading the advice of the DeHart bros. because they founded some shit called Lucid FC and if you put "FC" in your brand name the stewardess on Air Four Pins will be instructed to kindly remove you from coach and seat you in the No Flex Zone.

Finally, the rest of my shouts go to Luka Sabbat, the super sweet 16-year-old who insists on only buying gear in person. See, not digitally copping means no shipping means no waiting for the shit you just bought. That's the only semi-valid excuse for exclusively shopping in person that I can think of, although the most salient reason yung Luka shops exclusive in store? PROBABLY BECAUSE HE'S SIXTEEN AND DOESN'T HAVE A CREDIT CARD TO BUY SHIT ONLINE WITH IN THE FIRST PLACE. Can you even legally get a credit card at 16? I mean, I don't have a credit card now because I'm still too irresponsible for something like that. Damn, if these kids are out here in these streets holding credit cards, their lives are infinitely better than mine despite being half my age. Fuck. Wow. Really makes you think.