Damn, neoprene really gonna be a thing isn't it? I have no idea what it's like to wear neoprene because I don't scuba dive or surf. I feel like those are the only times you ever come into contact with neoprene garments. I mean, I'd love to go scuba diving, but the water is my Kryptonite. We all have some sort of Kryptonite. For me, it's swimming. I mean, I can swim, if by "swim," you mean a really awkward combination of the doggy paddle and floating. I'm just not really down with the activity as a whole. And just to prove that Jesus and Buddha have a sense of humor, they gave me such a shitty back that the best cardio workout option for me now is to swim laps. Anyways, back to banging long neoprene hoodies. This joint is dope because it's got that split hemline and gold zippers. It's also dope because it's only $165 and I guarantee I've recommended incense holders more expensive than that.