After getting flexed on by the swaggerless Belgians in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, America needs something to restore its once indomitable spirit. Rather conveniently, Complex Style has staged a competition between international swaglords. Why? Because nothing invokes national pride quite like a head-to-head style battle, dummy.

With the stakes at an all time high, the U.S. can't challenge lightweight competition either (looking at you Lithuania and Uzbekistan). We have to run with the big dogs and that puts France squarely in the crosshairs. Additionally, with July 4 in the rear mirror and Bastille Day (the French Fourth) on the horizon, it's high time we take on zee French. So, definitively, which country is the crispiest? Find out now with The United States vs. France: A Head-to-Head Style Battle Between International Swaglords.