Umit Benan is everybody's favorite designer that nobody actually buys. Seriously, I know dudes that can talk for, like, 15 straight minutes about how nuanced and amazing and directional and forward-thinking Benan's collections are, but when you ask them what the fit is like, they don't know because the only shit they can afford is the stray, super rando piece on Yoox in size extra-wack. Anyways, your favorite blogger's favorite designer just teamed up with Japan's Tomorrowland for a more affordable diffusion brand launching for S/S 15. But don't call it a "diffusion" anything because that's what Target and H&M are for. While this new sub-brand, entitled "Oniki" (Turkish for "12"), will be cheaper than Benan's eponymous line, I wouldn't bank on it being, like, actually cheap. Be prepared to reblog this with "fye" written underneath, followed directly by copping another Uniqlo T-shirt.