Just days ago, MoMA PS1 unveiled "Hy-Fi," a pavilion designed by New York-based practice The Living. The tower's design was selected as this year's winner of the institution's Young Architects Program. Those attending Warm Up 2014 will be grateful for this outdoor installation, as it provides refuge from the sun and summer heat.

What's remarkable about The Living's tower is that it's been made entirely out of organic, biodegradable bricks. The masterminds behind the tower combined biological technologies with advanced computer-based engineering to create the structure. "Our structure temporarily diverts the natural carbon cycle to produce a building that grows out of nothing but earth and returns to nothing but earth—with no waste, no energy, and no carbon emissions," the press release details.

Specifically, the bricks are made from a mixture of discarded corn stalks and specifically developed living root-like structures from mushrooms. So what gives some of the tower's bricks their glittering quality? The Living has layered the bricks stacked at the top of the tower with a mirror film made by 3M. That's what makes it reflective.

[via designboom]

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