Smith-Wykes is back with a sick lineup for spring 2015.

Offering quality clothes that are contemporary, masculine, refined, and detail-oriented, the collection delivers Smith-Wykes’ mix of sportswear and high-end casual. With an emphasis placed on subtle yet standout prints and patterns, the range as whole is generously versatile without being too basic.

You can see the brand’s usual offerings of playful proportions, oversized fit, cropped length, and boxy silhouettes continue to dominate its aesthetic. But this time around, there seems to be a much more understated tone to the line, swapping out bold, geometric shapes for softer, more wearable stripes.

Standout items in the collection include a dark navy hooded jacket, micro-collared short-sleeve button-ups, a top stitched denim blazer, and a range of light graphic tees. It’s essentially everything you need for the unpredictable weather conditions of spring.

Check out images from the lookbook below, and be sure to visit Smith-Wykes’ website for more information regarding the collection’s release.


[via Selectism]