You know I fucks heavily with MAAS & Stacks because I can't just right-click-save the photos on their site. Nope, I gotta "inspect element" and find the images the hard way. DO YOU SEE THE SACRIFICES I MAKE FOR YOU PEOPLE? I'm out here fucking inspecting HTML files or whatever that shit is just to talk about this sweatshirt with a quarter of the fucking sleeves cut off. Show me some goddamn respect. Whenever I finally do acquire the JPEGs for sweatshirts like this with easy silhouettes and slightly frayed edges, I imagine that the wearer leads a very relaxed, very contemplative life full of cute baristas, gallery openings and confounding people as to how they make any money since they're always just staring into space at that one really expensive brunch spot, like every fucking day. I hope to one day lead an existence so sedentary and luxurious that everyone I know just assumes I'm independently wealthy.