The strong bond between designer Raf Simons and California-based artist Sterling Ruby has led to a full fledged collection coming out this fall. The museum-worthy items are detailed with patches and paint splatters that give it a strong DIY vibe. For an idea of just how special (and incredible) the collection is, there will be a separate website set up just for the collection as well as a club-like pop-up shop in Antwerp, Belgium.

Starting Tuesday, the collection will be sold at week by week, until Sept. 1. After the close of the site, the physical location will open on Sept. 4, on weekends only. Each week, a fresh décor, merchandise, and DJ will be setting the tone until it closes on Oct. 13. So make sure to stop by at 16 Lange Gasthuisstraat if you're in Belgium around those dates. 

[via WWD]