Philosophy, outer space, and science—Neils "Shoe" Meulman's upcoming show at White Walls will encompass all of the above. If that doesn't sound awesome, we don't know what does. "The Unearthly Paintings" reveals the Amsterdam-based artist's philosophical musings on deep topics such as existence, the idea of "anti-knowledge" and "the great doubt," scientific discovery, religion, and art in general.

"Art, science, and religion have a common origin; the unknown," the artist told White Walls. "This exhibition is an exploration to find mysticism in science. Particle accelerators are modern cathedrals for people who believe in quantum mechanics. With every discovery, more questions arise. Scientific findings of the last decades are more fantastic than all of the fables in religious books put together." While no one has any clear answers, this is Shoe's attempt at making sense of the world through art.

On view from July 12 through Aug. 9, "The Unearthly Paintings" will feature Shoe's new paintings, all done in his signature style of "Calligraffiti." Click through to see some of the pieces that will be on display.

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