Guys, I've wanted a LexDray Tokyo Pack since I saw a LexDray Tokyo Pack on the Internet. I just can't stop envisioning myself wearing it on my annual trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong that doesn't exist. Check out all those awesome pockets. Check out the minimal styling. Check out some more awesome, hidden pockets. Peep me at the airport in that expensive lounge space that only rich dudes are allowed into, charging my phone, sipping champagne and noshing on some sort of baguette style sandwich. I wish I could keep my passport in my cool backpack, but I'm way, way too neurotic to not keep it in my pants pocket so I can make sure I don't lose it because, this one time, I was supposed to meet my whole family in Montreal because my sister was graduating and I bricked it on the passport front and didn't remember it until I got to the airport. It was cool though. I got on the very next flight and ended up getting seated in business class and I just lied to my family and said my flight got cancelled. Except, my parents aren't dumbasses and my dad was like, "OH REALLY? 'CAUSE IT SAID ON THE ARRIVALS SCREEN THAT YOUR FLIGHT LANDED ON TIME." And my only comeback was, "Whatever, dad. Let's go eat some poutine."