There's been no shortage of Lego art on the Internet ever since news of The Lego Movie hit. Just about everything, from bands to famous album covers, have been recreated with the toy blocks and minifigures from our childhood. Now, someone out there has decided to give America the Lego treatment. 

The artist was pretty thorough in his or her representation of the 50 states. We imagine some probably took more thought than others, like Montana. No disrespect to those from Montana, but how do you portray Montana? Naturally, states like New York featured the Statue of Liberty, and Pennsylvania's showed Rocky on the steps of the city's art museum. Colorado's depiction consists of a Lego dude on a horse and a chick on skis, riding down a snowy mountain. Accurate? Perhaps it needs a little more green, if y'know what we're saying.

We've picked out some of our favorites. Click through to Imgur to see them all, and check if your home state has been repped properly.

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