Long time surfer and fine art photographer Kenny Braun combined his passions in his latest work: Surf Texas. The tome is dedicated to surfing and the beauty and serenity of Texas beaches. While places like Hawaii and California have become famous for their waves, the Texas coastline has remained a safe haven for locals and visiting legends: “Away from the crowds and the hype, dedicated surfers catch waves in places like the Texas Gulf Coast for the pure pleasure of being in harmony with life, their sport, and the ocean.”

For this evocative photo essay, Braun opted for black-and-white imagery. He chronicled the Texas surfing lifestyle from Galveston to South Padre, capturing daring surfers taking on massive waves and beach-goers relaxing with buddies. Braun, a local himself, applies his native knowledge to create an intimate look into the lives of Texas surfers, one that is accessible to surfers and non-surfers alike.

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[via ItsNiceThat]