Beginning this month, Hood by Air will be featured in the Museum of Arts and Design’s latest exhibition, NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial.

Showcasing the work of 100 skilled makers from all five NYC boroughs, the presentation aims to discredit the assumption that the current digital age has led to a drought of craftsmanship.

HBA head designer Shayne Oliver will be among the highly skilled and innovated artists participating in the event, which will highlight contributions from fashion designers, stone masons, set designers, and jewelry makers.

The brand’s spring/summer 2014 Parachute Jacket and Flight Short will be displayed—demonstrating HBA's use of intricate detailing and volumetric proportions.

“NYC Makers uncovers the variety of production and creativity in the city, and places a spotlight on the skilled individuals who spend every day crafting our futures,” said MAD Director Glenn Adamson.

Running through Oct. 12, 2014, the exhibit will feature makers that include Aisen Caro Chacin, Chris Pellettieri, Laurie Anderson, and John Hatleberg.

For more information on the NYC Makers, go to the Museum of Arts and Design’s website.