Tim Coppens is one of those designers that I always list as one of my favorites when people ask me. FYI, no one ever asks me questions like that, but you have to have a few answers in the chamber just in case. This matte black bomber is fucking mean. It's got a two-way zipper, cool sleeve details and, oh yeah, was designed by Tim Fucking Coppens. This jacket really requires a strong white tee game and an even stronger gold chain game. Before you can evolve from a basic Alphet Industries bomber to a Coppens bomber, your gold chain experience points need to be very high. I still don't understand why I don't see more dookie chains during NYFW. All of the stances involved in Fashion Week are germane to a big ass gold chain. Sitting, leaning forward alongside the runway? WATCH MY CHAIN HANG LOW. Standing, leaning against a wall while, pretending to text people? WATCH MY CHAIN HANG LOW. Hopping out the bespoke Uber? WATCH MY CHAIN HANG LOW. The central question you have to ask yourself before buying a dope bomber is, "For real, do my chain hang low?"