Did you know that on July 20, 1969 at 4:18pm we landed on the Moon? Probably not because you're, like, 11 and the Internet has rendered historical context moot. Anyways, GE—yeah General Electric—played a pretty big role in developing the materials and technology that made the Lunar Landing possible (if it really happened at all #staywoke). One of the key contributions GE made was in the development of silicon rubber, which can withstand extreme temperatures and was used in the astronauts' moonboots.

Well, to commemorate the historic achievement and their company's role in it, GE is releasing these sneakers in collaboration with Android Homme. Dubbed "The Missions," these sneakers feature stabilized carbon fiber, thermoplastic rubber, a hydrophobic coating and will available at—DUH—4:18pm on July 20th exclusively on JackThreads for a cheeky $196.90. Get these and when people make fun of them you can try and explain their significance before someone makes a "69" joke. UM, YEAH, GE, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT "1969" ON THE BACK OF A SNEAKER, MOONBOOT TRIBUTE OR NOT. BUZZ ALDRIN COULD PUNCH ME IN THE FACE, BUT I'M STILL MAKING A "69" JOKE IF I CATCH HOMEBOY WEARING THESE SNEAKERS. Granted, it would be a respectful "69" joke, so I feel like he'd actually appreciate it. If not. I'd show him a gif of the first moon walk with the caption: "floating into your gir'd DMs like," and try to explain memes to someone who rode a rocket to the moon.