Homie, what? You still wear a backpack? You're a fuckin' baby lol.

Duffel type joints are where it's at and this murdered out Reiss weekend holdall looks like the type of shit I imagine drug cartel kingpins use to move their money around. I'm sure Moy would agree, since he is obsessed with drugs.

Woah, what do you mean it's "not convenient" for you to carry this around with you all day? Firstly, this is Four Pins—form over function all day every day, son. Secondly, you need to stop walking around with your hands in your pockets. You look awkward as shit and your shoulders are bowing. Honestly, if you don't stop it right fucking now, you'll look like the boy Quasimodo by the time you're 30. You're already 30? Find a new website. This is embarrassing.

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