Did anyone else max out their mom's credit card pre-ordering, like, three hundreds pairs of tout noir Y-3 Qasas? I have a nasty feeling I'm going to get an email come November stating that "due to limited stock," 292 of my 293 orders have been refunded. If I owned a store that was cool/lucky enough to stock that type of shit, it would take me less than one minute to break the terms of contract. Shit would be straight "sold out" on the website and 5,000 pairs on eBay at 900% RRP. The Bond villain of retailers, if you will.

Speaking of which, this Giorgio Brato coat definitely resonates Bond villain. Shearling? High collar? Tapered waist? It's even got those double zips for that rare emo cholo vibe you've been trying too hard to hit. Bueno.

The styling on LVR is also pretty major league, so I won't give you the usual "I'd pair this with..." bullshit. I will, however, recommend you wear it whilst spraying copious amounts of expensive champagne over Acne jean-wearing UT students to celebrate the $200,000 profit you netted on those Qasa resales. Make sure you don't smile though. Sad is swag.

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