We all have photographs of skyscrapers taken during on trips to big cities around the world, and most of those photos are boring because millions of people have gotten the exact same shot. Architectural photographer Donna Dotan thought outside of the box and went where most of us can't go to get spectacular shots of New York City.

Dotan's "Reflections From Above" series, as the name suggests, features photos taken high above the streets of the city that use the glass exteriors of skyscrapers to create incredible vertical or horizontal symmetry. The lights of the city and the skies also add to the reflections and cast a dream-like haze over the people below. "I just think symmetry is beautiful ... it makes the images almost abstract," Dotan told Mashable. "If you were just looking down from a tall glass building, you'd see an incredible view of the city streets."

For more of Dotan's photography, head to her website and check her our on Instagram.

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[via Mashable