Guys, Baewear is, like, a thing now. I mean, the Paper of Record is out here writing about them and shit. I don't know what it says that Four Pins itself now has a T-shirt, but I do have a grip of burning questions:

1. Is this T-shirt hotter than the T-shirt we made ourselves that you couldn't get your hands on because you are decidedly not our friends and most definitely not our family? (J/K LOVE Y'ALL FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM THOUGH.)

2. Has Baewear jumped the shark?

3. Have we jumped the shark?

4. HAS ASKING IF THINGS HAVE JUMPED THE SHARK JUMPED THE SHARK? (I'm beating this shark metaphor like a dead horse, I know, but I could keep going.)

5. Could I really keep going on about sharks?

6. Who in their right mind would actually buy this thing?

7. Is Baewear sharing any profits if anyone actually buys this thing?

8. Can we sue Baewear?

9. Should we sue Baewear?

10. Are all other menswear blogs 18? (We definitely don't want to go to jail for peeing on underage menswear blogs tbh.)

11. Fuck, will Calvin and Hobbes never not be dope?


Shit we may very well never have the answers to aside, shouts to Baewear for giving all our parents something to buy. It's kinda like in AYSO when our parents could cop those trading cards. My grandma still got mine on ice. Position: DEFENSE. Y'all couldn’t even fuck with my stance neither. Now, she can put this tee right next to it.

"Oh, your grandson is an orthodontist and owns a timeshare in Antigua?"

"Well, my grandson learned how to use caps lock. Here, read this article about a T-shirt company that is some sort of meme inside of a meme. No, I don't know what a meme is. This is all I've got, Agnes."