A YouTube user by the name of Smoothiefreak has put together a video about men's fashion that women just don't get because she was tired of all the stories she was reading about how men hate what's cool and popular in womenswear, like nail art and harem pants and shit. We've discussed this before: Lame ass dudes have lame ass taste in fashion. End of story. I don't know what the issue is. FASHION ISN'T ABOUT EXPLAINING YOURSELF TO LAMES, IT'S FOR STUNTING ON THEM. But then, instead of picking out some dope alphets to make fun of, which would have been awesome, she narcs out the lowest hanging fruit possible like dudes in cargo shorts and dudes in polo shirts.

Look, I'm not gonna tell you how to do your fake ass internet job, but maybe pick out, like, whatever the male equivalent of harem pants is. Or, the male equivalent of a peplum, which could be, I don't know, having eleventeen pockets on one shirt. The most flagrant part of this video? She tries to hate on Adidas slides! Which, c'mon, is just FALSE. Also, way to scold dudes who wear their hats backwards as "living in the '90s," while you are literally wearing a fucking Guns N' Roses tank top, boo.

This last part is gonna come across as a bit #notallmen, but I've seen, like, 17 different surveys in which the vast majority of American men own up to deferring to their girlfriends or wives when it comes to fashion. WHICH MEANS THAT MOST MEN DRESS SHITTY BECAUSE THEIR GIRLS DRESSED THEM. Here's my thesis: Assuming you possess good taste in clothing prima facie just because you have a vagina may lead to unstylish results. But what do I know? I'm writing this while wearing Adidas slides.