Wil Fry is back, but this time around there's no bold prints or parodies to be found. It's too early to tell if his days designing #trollwear are totally behind him, but if this new, minimalist Wil Fry is the one we can look forward to seeing from here on out, then we'd be totally fine with that because this shit fucking goes. Maybe Wil realized that by creating so much hype around the garments that he intended to release as commentary on the overly serious world of fashion, he actually became a part of the problem. Or maybe he was just sick and tired of you fuccbois thirsting and wilding the fuck out on Twitter. Whatever the reason, this new capsule of gear looks great and, most importantly, is super wearable (just ask Champagne Papi).

On the offering, the elusive designer/artist states, "The main goal of this run of gear was to increase the quality of product/price-point while also to produce garments that I could wear everyday. I've always tried to keep my work (in other fields of design) clean & utilitarian so it was nice to finally apply the same sort of sensibilities to clothing." In addition, everything is made in L.A. out of American and Japanese fabrics, so you know that quality is taking center stage this time around. Expect the gear ($90-$230) to hit stores at the end of July and a pre-order from the man himself later this month.