Some of the strangest things can be found in Russia: the creepy mascot for the Sochi Olympics, old Soviet cartoons that people actually watch, and Vladimir Putin. But who would expect to find Times Square smack dab in Moscow?

Philips, a Dutch technology company that specializes in lighting, has created a smaller version of the iconic New York local for a Russian shopping mall. The mall, which is called VEGAS Crocus City (because if you're going to copy one US city, why not two?), is filled with a sensory barrage of LED lights and HD screens. The complex can broadcast text, graphic, colors, and video using Philips' unique Color Kinetics technology. 

The Times Square replica comes filled with Broadway show signs, commercials, and logos seen in the original landmark. True to it's inspiration, VEGAS is also home to the iconic red stairs found in Times Square.

Philips has designed impressive lighting displays across the world, including the London Eye, the Empire State Building, and the Montparnasse Tower. Their creation in Russia is the country's largest lighting project to date.

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[via PSFK]