During his "Better Out Than In" residency in New York City, Banksy staged an art sale in Central Park of some of stencils for $60. Because artists sell art on the streets everyday in the city and fake Banksy's are not uncommon, most of the people who walked by didn't look twice at the work and very few actually bought the work. Those hundreds of people who saw the stand but didn't pull out their wallets felt really stupid when they found out that the works were legit, and they will feel even worse when we learn that the $60 stencils could sell for $200,000 at auction.

Two of the stencils, Kids on Guns and Winnie the Pooh, are heading to auction at Bonhams next month and are estimated to go for £30,000-£50,000 and £50,000-£80,000, respectively. After the Central Park sale, someone opened a stand of their own and made bank selling fake Banksy pieces that were actually marketed as fakes. Unfortunately for the fools that bought those, this news doesn't increase the value of your unwise purchase.

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[via Hypebeast