On the heels of his largest exhibition in London since 2009 (at Sotheby's), which opens to the public on June 12, Banksy updated his website yesterday with a trailer screenshot of "Better Out Than In - The Movie." As you may remember, Banksy put up at least one piece of art (almost) every day in New York last October 2013; he titled the project "Better Out Than In." He also added a Q+A section to his site that says, "Banksy is not represented by an art gallery, is not on Facebook and has never used Twitter."

The Twitter account @banksyny hit the Internet around the same time that Banksy began this New York residency. It has amassed 64,700 followers. Though initially the account had people fooled, Banksy has let us know the truth, and we can only trust that this is his Instagram

With tweets like "It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday" and "Home is where the art is," it's hard to miss the odd and almost satirical tone of whoever decided to start @banksyny. The origin and motive behind @banksyny is still a mystery, but its troll content is pretty entertaining. Here are some of The Weirdest Things on the Fake Banksy Twitter.

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