There is an art to finding the plug. It takes a keen eye and well-honed mind to find it. You've got to study for years and you have to defeat a skilled expert in plug-location before you can truly say that you know how to find the plug.

Unlike bae, which is anything worth investing your time and money into for the long haul, anything can be the plug under the correct circumstances. Identifying the plug is all about the hookup—using your mind grapes to get the most bang for your buck. Whether that's convincing your guy at Baskin-Robbins to throw an extra scoop of 31 Flavors on your shit, that weird South Korean website that sells pitch perfect bootlegs whose URL you won't give out to those thirsty fuccboi sycophants that lie and say they're your friends or a drug distributor who will hook you up with superior product for a fair price, that's all up to you. Much like happiness, the plug is what you make it. For all of you slovenly menswear enthusiasts who need help correctly identifying what is and is not a "the plug," I have assembled a digital slideshow meant for both education and entertainment.

Drew Millard wrote this while gone off that coffee with the butter in it. You can read more of his work on Noisey and follow him on Twitter here.