PacSun is trying very hard to be #relevant by getting all these rappers and cool guy collectives to collaborate with them, but, I guess we can't knock the hustle. Their latest collaborative effort, after teaming up with Kanye West and Been Trill earlier in the year, is with trendsetting rap troop A$AP Mob (LOL @ "trendsetting rap troop"). The capsule collection consists mostly of good-looking graphic-printed items, including T-shirts and a single basketball jersey. There's also a baseball jersey and bucket hat, all of which will definitely and unequivocally make you sweg. I mean, it's good to see merch that clearly has some thought and effort put into it, but I'll give it a few more months before I step into a PacSun of my own accord. But that's probably has to do more with the fact that I can't control myself around Mrs. Field's Cookies because that girl's baked items are way too fye TBH.