Staying comfortable is the key to everyone’s wardrobe, and it looks like the ancients knew that, too. Scientists have recently uncovered what is said to be the oldest pants in the world. The pair—wool pants made for horse riding—has been dated to be around 3,000 to 3,300 years old.

“Each pair of trousers was sewn together from three pieces of brown-colored wool cloth, one piece for each leg and an insert for the crotch. The tailoring involved no cutting: Pant sections were shaped on a loom in the final size. Finished pants included side slits, strings for fastening at the waist and woven designs on the legs,” added Science News.

The attention to detail tells you that ancients really cared about what they wore. Notice the intricate band decoration around the knee. The pants, though very old and torn, look like they are the long descentdants of the cozy boys. If someone re-made these pants using modern day methods, we’re sure they would fly off the shelves.

[Science News via Time]