Wow, the CEO of Yoox is really feeling himself in this Forbes profile. I mean, I would be feeling myself too if my company were worth $605 million. Yeah, that's not a typo. The company you know for its wildly terrible user experience, worst product shots of all time and sometimes if you're lucky pretty great luxury brand discounts is on its way to copping a billion dollars in the next few years, if mister Federico Marchetti has his way. What I didn't know was that Yoox does more than just sell Margiela sneakers for under $200. They actually operate the e-commerce stores for a lot of major labels, including Armani and Brunello Cucinelli. And that's about where dude totally loses his mind. He thinks that everything he touches is beautiful and that's the reason he's been so successful. He said he wants e-commerce to feel luxurious, while one quick look at the Cucinelli online store proves pretty much the opposite. It's like everything Yoox touches turns to meh, interface-wise. This is on some if Blake Griffin thought he got into the league for his passing abilities type shit. But hey, Federico is fucking rich, so whatever helps him sleep at night, I guess.