This sweatshirt from Warehouse is dope as fuck. The hood looks kinda crazy, but it could be just the way it's styled here. But I'm hoping it is indeed kinda crazy, so when you wear this you can look like those spirits in a Hayao Miyazaki film. Or just, you know, like a nerdier version of Cornholio. And you already know I'm a sucker for an alternative to the traditional kangaroo pocket on hoodies, and two separate hand warmer pockets are right up my alley. Hurry up and buy this so you can wear it on that one more chilly night we're gonna get. Then again, you can buy it now and put it on ice until September or October. That way, when you're too broke to take your girl out to dinner next week, she won't think it's because you bought an expensive hoodie in June that may or may not make you look like a '90s cartoon character.