Right, so Maharishi just showed their S/S 15 collection in London, but I do what I want and I wanted them to have their own post because, damn, stunt on them haters. I mean, not that you have a lot of haters or anything, Maharishi, 'cause your shit is fucking bomb. I've always been a big fan of the way the label appropriates military garb and design and their S/S 15 continues this tradition with camouflage, technical jackets, bags and cargo pants. THAT FIRST LOOK WITH THE BLUE COAT AND BACKPACK? EN FUEGO, MOTHERFUCKERS. THAT. MY. LOOK. Also, those cargos with the gathered ankles? Wow, I am very down. And just to live up to the stereotype I've so expertly crafted for myself on the Internet, obviously I'm all the way in on the camo poncho.