Bucket hat season is in full effect, my lords. If you're new to the bucket there are a few rules you need to know about wearing this shit in public. First, you should wear them to rooftop barbeques. I don't know what it is about upwardly mobile young white kids living in cities, but they love burning things on roofs. I think it's because everyone's actual apartments are pieces of shit that can fit only, like, three people in them comfortably. The thing about being the guy in the bucket hat at a rooftop BBQ is that everyone's gonna assume you're the guy that knows how to roll a blunt. A lot of people at rooftop BBQs are into smoking blunts because Cam'ron. But a lot of them won't know how to actually roll a blunt. They'll just go ahead and assume the guy wearing a bucket hat and probably a really long T-shirt will know how to. Learn how to roll a blunt and you will never have to bring your own weed to rooftops ever again.