With the end of summer collection releases, Inventory Magazine has put a spotlight on one of the the summer's best collections: Japan's White Mountaineering.

Titled "Voyager," the collection strives to create a design that is centered around several types of travel from business trips to tourism. Designer Yosuke Aizawas focuses on utility as a key part of the design, and the fit of the collection reflects both a tailored and casually practical aesthetic. The prints are natural and organic, with several taking inspiration from floral patterns.

Shot by Jimi Franklin, the editorial uses a female model, but shows off pieces from both the mens and womenswear collection. An integral part of both collections are the similarities between the two—several pieces crossover, particularly in the use of prints.

Considering that summer officially starts today, there's no better time to check the collection for yourself. If you're interested in copping a piece of the collection for yourself (or your girl) head over to White Mountaineering.

[via Inventory Magazine]