Have you ever wondered what the opposite sex truly thinks about your clothing choices? eBay Deals recently conducted a survey that asked 500 guys and 500 women what they thought about some of the things dudes wear. And let's just say, some of the numbers may surprise you. 

Women expressed their thoughts on suspenders, deep V-neck T-shirts, leather loafers, and man bags, while guys responded to garments like yoga pants, high heels, designer purses. Both sexes felt strongly about each of the garments listed. The most polarizing item on the list was skinny jeans, with close to half of the women saying they like them on men, but only 32 percent of the guys approving. 

Check out the infographics here to find out what girls actually think about your beanies, briefs, basketball shorts, and other everyday clothes. It's up to you whether you want to switch your style up to cater to these findings or keep doing you and expressing your personal sense of style.

[via eBay Deals]