Writing about so much Real McCoy's you'd think it was two thousand and eight. Spoiler alert: It's not. And, evidently, workwear is not muerto. In fact, it's v much vivo. Just, like, not in traditional workwear silhouettes. I would wear this USN Utility jacket exactly like a coach's jacket aka a little loose with tapered chinos and a dope ass necklace. I mean, I'd say a dope ass watch, but I'm not a real coach yet, feel me? I really want to have Four Pins sponsor a youth soccer team, so I can coach those little shits. My team would own friendlies, hitting the field in the dopest warmup fits. Breakaway track pants? YOU BETCHA. And fuck orange slices. We're gonna have a whole buffet of fruit-based snacks that you can dive into off the rip, not just at half. And, yes, ya boy will be wearing this jacket and fist pumping the fuck outta the sky like Denzel in Remember the Titans. Granted, my team would probably suck because I have zero coaching skills whatsoever, but, goddamn, would we look amazing in our team photo. You know what, fuck it, TEAM APPRECIATION BANQUET AT DAVE & BUSTERS CAUSE I'M THE REALEST COACH AROUND.