Those who plan on attending Frieze London 2014 can expect a ton of action from this year's Frieze Projects, the fair's annual presentation of artist commissions. Curated by Nicola Lees, this year's Frieze Projects will spotlight artists whose works overlap with other disciplines, namely dance, music, and film. 

The lineup for this year's Frieze Projects includes Jérôme Bel with Dance Umbrella; Cerith Wyn Evans with ZSL London Zoo; Isabel Lewis with the ICA, London and Liverpool Biennial; Nick Mauss with Northern Ballet; Sophia Al Maria, Jonathan Berger, and Tobias MadisonJudging from the mere descriptions of these artists' pieces, it seems the 2014 edition of Frieze Projects is going to be quite the spectacle.

Nick Mauss will take a departure from his drawings to build a "living stage," on which a new ballet will be performed each day of the fair. Jonathan Berger will pay homage to the late entertainer Andy Kaufman, assembling a collection of ephemera from Kaufman's life and re-staging a lost piece from the entertainer's 1979 live concert Andy Kaufman Plays Carnegie Hall. Tobias Madison will set up two, interactive rooms that detect and transform visitors' movements into light. Sophia Al Maria will deck the walls across Frieze London with cheeky statements that ask whether or not there is a conspiracy against viewers of art. 

However, not all the commissioned works will be on display at the fair. Cerith Wyn Evans will take her work to the heart of ZSL London Zoo, establishing an audience of both humans and animals. At the Old Selfridges Hotel, Isabel Lewis will throw a series of "occasions" or "a celebratory meeting of things, people, plants, music, smells and dances," according to the program's description. Happening throughout the five days of the fair, these occasions will see guests congregating to converse, dance, and party just as the ancient Greeks did.

Excited yet? Frieze London kicks off on Oct. 15 and runs through the 18th. 

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