Beats by Dre is out here reminding everyone that Dr. Dre is still probably one of the richest doctors out there. Except that one orthodontist in Grosse Pointe that was famous for giving out king size candy bars at Halloween. That dude was ballerific. Anyway, Fendi and Apple evidently don't think everyone immediately thinks of Yeezy when they see this shade of red, but I guess red has always been the Beats by Dre colorway, right? Murder headphones aside, these are high-end fashionz because they're wrapped in leather, which means your ears will probably get super clammy. But, then again, I could be wrong. See, I drive an actual automobile to get around, which means much less time wearing headphones. And when I work out, I just blast shit on my phone's speakers because the old dude working out in dungarees next to me definitely wants to listen to Thugger. Although, I might have to cop some Fendi x Beats by Dre because I really want to look like a fucking Teletubby.