Emojis ("emoj-eye"?) are a thing that we will one day have to explain to our children just like our parents had to explain pet rocks and lava lamps and doing a bunch of acid and other assorted narcotics (before making us sit through lame ass D.A.R.E. classes smfh) to us. Before I forget, shouts to shorties that used to wear old D.A.R.E. T-shirts and short shorts and smoke blunts with us back in the day. One of you drove a Mercury Cougar and was down if my memory serves me correctly. Anyways, someone on Tumblr made some emojis, but, like, IRL. Although, since they're photographs we're looking at on the Internet, they're not really IRL, are they? IT'S 2014. OBAMA GOTTA SPEAK ON THIS.