Way back when, Four Pins was super cool, but still a little under the radar. PSYCH WE WERE ALWAYS MAKING WAVES. Point is, I used to write about things I thought would be skrong purchases for your girl. It was creatively called "Stuff For Your Girl." After a while though, looking for men's clothing ending taking up, like, 200% of my time and I kinda forgot about the stuff for your girl. But then Carhartt WIP teamed up with PAM for this women's collection and the shit is fucking fire, my guys. Like, gonna be on Tumblr forever with 10 billion likes and struggle girls saying things like "LOVE" and their struggle dude counterparts pretending they have a girlfriend that could pull off drop crotch carpenter pants. FOR REAL, GIRLS WHO READ FOUR PINS (IF THERE EVER ARE ANY), BUY THESE PANTS OR SOMETHING ELSE FROM THE COLLECTION AND I GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE FEATURED ON FOUR PINS. Or not, because we actually don't write about women a lot because we're about style, not inclusiveness. But you will definitely catch all of our eyes when you float into the coffee shop on some dream girl from a dream we never even had type shit. Fuccbois will be staring, leaving their flat whites unattended, realizing you just existed in their subconscious, merely a figment of our platonic ideal. YOU ONLY EXIST IN THE NOUMENA, DON'T YOU?