Haven, one of our favorite stores in all of the Great White North, recently dropped their S/S editorial. While the clothes themselves are of the finest quality, the lookbook fails to depict the sweaty realities of summer. This dude is really out in a fuckin' scarf, man. Then again, they are in Canada. But if you're from New York, you know it's virtually impossible to wear anything more than a T-shirt in the summer, especially if you find yourself having to take the subway. In the hotter months of the year, the platform is actually more like a disgusting, shitty sauna that costs $2.50 (if you're a strug lord w/o an unlimited Metro Card, that is). Really, there even isn't much of a point in showering because you're sweaty if you have to wait more than 2 minutes to get on the air conditioned train, assuming it isn't rush hour and everyone is being a goddamn savage, pushing and clawing at each other so we can all just get the fuck home, scream at our TVs and pass out. Gotta love the Big Apple.