California-based photographer Clark Little has gained international notoriety for the incredible shots he snaps of waves the moment before they crash. A lifelong surfer, Little has always loved the ocean: “The shorebreak is my comfort zone. I absolutely love it. It’s always different. The light, the colors, the water, the sand and what happens to it. And to be there to capture it and share it with the world…what a dream.”

Little spends upwards of six hours a day wading though the salty water and hoping to capture that spectacular moment when the surf hits the sand. Although this may not sound like much work, its actually grueling and often dangerous. Little has to fight powerful currents, and he frequently gets toppled by waves and caught up in rip tides. In an interview with surf magazine The Inertia, Little discusses these and other difficulties he faces on a day-to-day basis.

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