British photographer Bob Mazzer worked in the '80s as a projectionist in a porno theater in London, and on his commute he started to take photographs of the people on the tube, London's Underground subway system. Mazzer has never shown his work in a gallery setting in nearly 40 years of snapping photos, until now.

"Bob Mazzer: UNDERGROUND" will open on June 13 at Howard Griffin Gallery and show through July 15. A quote from Mazzer posted to the gallery's exhibition announcement reads "Every day I travelled to King's Cross and back. Coming home late at night, it was like a party and I felt like the tube was mine and I was there to take the pictures."

The photos capture a very distinct time in London's history when the punk scene was at it's peak. Because the tube is a major form of transportation in the city, Mazzer was able to photograph people from all walks of life inhabiting the same space. Check out a few of the preview photos above, and head to the exhibition page for more.