I was always a Vision Street Wear type dude as a kid, but that's only because that was what the older kids around me wore. We're all victims of the older kids around us. But I most definitely fucks with these blanco en blanco Sk8-Hi's. A lot of dudes are probably in the midst of robocopping some coke white AF1s, but you should buy your dope from another dealer. Don't be the guy that has the same yayo as everyone else at the party. Shit like that is how The New York Times identifies trends. They just see a bunch of people at a party all wearing the same thing and then, 9 years later, write about how there's a new trend popping off amongst the city's spornosexuals. Also, when you add these to your cart, make sure "Yayo" is playing. It really adds to the ambiance. SNOOTIE WILD, YOU CRAZY FOR THIS ONE. I added that shout because I Googled the song in case I wanted to add a link to the video and realized Lana del Ray also has a song entitle "Yayo" and I wanted to make sure no one mistakenly fucked with that bullshit.