Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem recently renovated the top floor of an apartment in the northern part of Tel Aviv to create the Antokolsky Penthouse. He designed the penthouse to have an open floor plan with 25-meter-long windows to take full advantage of the spectacular views.

“The internal spaces, floating within the building’s shell, are fully exposed to the city, thus long and continuous lines of sight are preserved from one end of the apartment to the other,” Kedem said

There is also a balcony that spans the length of the apartment and a rooftop infinity swimming pool constructed from dark stone.

The living space and kitchen area were created using concrete, stone, and metal. A dark metal bookcase stretches the length of a concrete wall and the dining area features sleek metal seating arrangements. The floating kitchen island is finished with granite.

At one end of the penthouse is a studio and storage area. These spaces are starkly white and are offset by color blocks and abstract works of art.

“The apartment’s residents have an impressive collection of art. This played a significant role in the design of the spaces, each of which relates to the specific piece displayed in it,” the architect explained.

On the other side of the living area, a glass door slides away to reveal a master bedroom and bathroom, offset from the rest of the apartment by a low concrete wall. The bedroom features a similar design to the studio, a white backdrop offset by geometric shapes and color.

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[via Dezeen]