In the town of Nowa Huta, there now stands a volt green statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin that appears to be taking a walking piss into the fountain below. Named "The Fountain of the Future," the structure was unveiled during an art festival and was designed to "stimulate debate over what should be the subject of a permanent statue on the same spot."

Bartosz Szydlowskione of the co-creators of the statue, told Telegraph that the statue shows people that Nowa Huta is not "grey and gloomy" and that they have a "sense of humour." The original statue suffered bombing attempts and was removed in 1989 when Communism collapsed, but this rendition seems to have a few more fans. Telegraph writes that it has become "something of a local attraction and the subject of tourists’ photographs," though there is no word as to how long the statue will stand.

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[via Time]