The performers of the Coney Island Sideshow will be switching up their routine a little bit tomorrow for a special show in honor of the mother of performance art. The event is titled "Limitless: A Tribute to Marina Abramovic" and is presented by Bushwick Burlesque and Zoe Ziegfeld.

Performers including Darlinda Just Darlinda, Scary Ben, Fancy FeastBombazeen Bean, and Melody Jane will each (according to the event page) "choose a piece Marina has created or presented, and re-imagine it via the lens of Absurdest Cabaret - to take on serious work, with a serious attitude and a serious intention, but also with the intention of 'distortion of the mind'."

According to Artnet, the performers tried out a few of the piece this past February at the Bizarre in Brooklyn. Zoe Ziegler performed The Stripper Is PresentKitty KaBoom "riffed on The Onion, eating one to the point of tears," and Melody Jane cut herself with a razor blade to end the show. The show will likely be something that viewers won't soon forget, and we are definitely excited to see how it goes.

For more information and to cop tickets, head to the Bushwick Burlesque webpage.

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[via Artnet]