This is a nine hundred dollar backpack. You could be asking yourself why I would choose to show you a $900 dollar backpack, but you shouldn't be. At this point you should implicity trust me with your life, let alone fucking backpack advice. We've developed a nice back-and-forth over these past few years—don't go ruining it with doubt now. This Saint Laurent backpack is perfect if you are a drug dealer trying to go on a shopping spree. You can't just deposit your cocaine skrilla at the ATM, my guy, because that's considered money laundering. But you want to ball out with all your ill-gotten gains and, like any good drug dealer, you're a little paranoid about people robbing you. So, obviously you need a nice backpack to carry your money around the various shopping centers of your fine community. Hopefully you're the kind of dealer that moves weight or else it's gonna take you, like, 4 months to sell enough nickel bags to even afford this joint, which is really just an accessory in this whole scheme. Have your drug dealer sidepiece come shopping with you. You know she's your drug dealing sidepiece because you buy her Herve Leger bandage dresses. Drug dealer side chicks love them joints. Have your sidepiece wear the backpack full of cash while you shop. No one robs cute sidepieces and the police never stop and frisk hipster girls with $900 designer backpacks on.